Tonsils and Adenoids

Tonsils and adenoids are parts of the lymphoid tissue of the body. They trap and kill bacteria and help our body to fight infections.

The tonsils are situated at either side of the back of the throat (palatine tonsils) and the adenoids (pharyngeal tonsil) are high up in the throat, at the space behind the nose (post-nasal space).

When the tonsils are suffering from recurrent infections (6 or more times a year / 4 times a year for two years) or they are chronically infected (white
spots on tonsils, constant sore throats, bad breath) or they block the airway (snoring and stopping of breathing – obstructive sleep apnoea [OSA]) then they need to be removed – (Tonsillectomy).

When the adenoids are very large, then they block the nose’s opening from behind and also block the tubes that ventilate the ears (Eustachian tubes).

This has as a result, mouth-breathing, difficulties in sleeping (OSA) and hearing loss (secretory otitis media – glue ear).

Then Adenoidectomy should be considered.

Coblation Adeno-Tonsillectomy (performed by
Anastasia Rachmanidou)

Tonsils and Adenoids